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Servicing the Rising Demand With Premium Warranted Audio Visual Products

At Axis Systems, our Product-Focused Mandate to Building Solution-Oriented Systems for the Audio Visual Video Systems Industry Starts With Our 3 Point Process.

  1. Developing Customized Audio Video Strategies by Merging our Extensive Research and Applied Industry Knowledge
  2. Assembling an Action Plan and Implementation Schedule to Streamline the Design-and-Build Process with Premium AV Brands
  1. Surrounding Your Audio Visual Project with our System of Quality Assurance and our Depth of Experience in Structured Cabling

With over two decades of applied knowledge and integrated AV experience, Axis Systems Group audio visual solutions provides a full range of project capabilities, design-and-build services and top tiered branded audio visual products. Our industry leading commercial audio video designs create a customized and cost-effective visual and ambiance presentation environment for your business and its clientèle. At Axis Systems, we can provide a full range of industry leading audio visual designs, which leverage today’s advanced communications technologies for businesses, organizations and venues of all sizes and audio video budgets.
For over a decade, we have custom built audio, video, and multimedia technology services for countless industries such as: BC Corporations, Performing Arts/Theater, Houses of Worship, Education, Health Care, Government, Tourism, Hospitality, Entertainment, First Nations, Resource-based, Media, Biomedical Research, Retail and many more. Along with an extensive range of premium audio visual video brands: TOA Biamp, QSC, Shure, EV, Extron, Bogen, Panavision, Crown Audio, Channel Vision, Peerless, Digico, Meyer Sound, Community Sound, etc., the Axis Systems in-house design and engineering team has successfully integrated 100’s of exceptional AV presentations to stages, boardrooms, venues, houses of prayer and institutions etc., in the Metro Vancouver are of British Columbia.

Our dynamic team of industry experts and accredited personnel provide integrated and scalable solutions to streamline the design-and-build process, the procurement of premium-warranted products and the implementation of state-of-the-art communications systems. With faster installations 24/7/365 and a goal to position ourselves as a BC industry leader, we specialize in a complete range of certified and integrated services in the areas of:

    1. Audio Visual Video Systems
    2. Sound Reinforcement F.O.H. Systems
    3. Audio Solutions
    4. Mixing Consoles
    5. PA & Speaker Systems
    6. Boardroom Audio Video Systems
    7. Interactive Boardroom Displays
  1. Video Conferencing Equipment
  2. Digital Signage Solutions
  3. Audio Amplification
  4. Multimedia Classroom Audio Visual Solutions
  5. Multi-Dimensional Sensorial Experiences
  6. Wireless Microphones
  7. AV Systems for Houses of Worship, Venues

“…Whether your integrate system requires a completely new sound reinforcement system, PA speaker solution, mixers, amplifiers or just a small upgrade of your mixing console, you will be guarantied a perfectly integrated performance solution. Our process-driven needs-based approach starts with complete collaboration with our customers and ensure long-term functionality, flexibility and local support. We pride ourselves on fully understanding your environmental and financial requirements and also providing technical assurances. Our team members are certified and trained with leading edge technologies, and industry-recognized premium warranted product brands.”  
Peter Soet, VP Business Development

Large interactive screen presentation


Leverage the Connectivity of a Custom-designed Interactive Audio and Video Boardroom with Total State-of-the-Art Communication System for a High Performance Presentation.

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Integrate Customized Sound Reinforcement, Audio Amplification and Digital Presentation Solutions for BC Businesses, Venues and Institutions of all Sizes, Locations and Budgets.

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Maximize High-End Powerful Digital Signage for Corporations, Municipalities, Commercial and Retail Spaces, Transit Platforms, Sports Venues, Houses of Worship and Institutions across BC.

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Houses of Worship Meeting Room Audio Visual Axis Systems Group


In the 21st century, Houses of Worship throughout the Greater Vancouver, British Columbia area are using technology to add depth and dynamics to worship. Whether the preferred sites are churches, mosques or cathedrals, Axis Systems, we can design-and-build and inspirational audio visual experiences for all faiths and denominations of choice.

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