POL Greater Value and Peace of Mind

Motorola Passive Optical LAN AXISTECH

The Passive Optical LAN Advantage:

  • Advanced Security Features Ensure Decryption to be Virtually Impossible
  • Fibre Infrastructure Provides a Link to any Ethernet Source
  • Fibre Optic Installation Process Minimizes Construction Delays and Errors
  • 25 year Life Cycle Corresponds with the 25 year Manufacture Warrantee
  • Fibre Optic Transport Guarantees Increased Wiring Distance Flexibility
  • Greater Overall Product Value with Ongoing Peace of Mind

Recognized Industry Benchmark

The fibre optic signal is composed of light, which affords minimal signal loss during transmission; therefore data moves at much greater speeds and distances. Up to double the bandwidth can be achieved with fibre optics, while weighing about half that of copper. As the fibres are non-conducting, and require low voltage, they are safe in most electronic environments.

Higher voltages, like those required by a traditional copper cable, are a safety hazard, a reliability, and a maintenance issue as discharges happen more frequently. This also means less electricity is being used by fibre optics resulting in lowered utility costs, as well as a less negative environmental impact.

With the high number of cables being produced each day, the carbon footprint from these factories is substantial. However, the production of the copper cable entails 28 Kilos of raw materials while only 5.4 Kilos is required to make fibre optics.

The only true advantage copper has to fibre optic cabling is it’s low initial price. Fibre optic installation costs are higher than copper due to of the skills required for termination. However, over time, fibre is more cost-effective and scaleable.

Fibre typically costs less to maintain, requires less networking hardware and has much less downtime. And as previously mentioned, the fibre has much larger bandwidth capabilities, eliminating the need for re-cabling for improved network performance. These advantages, as well as the ever-decreasing cost, make fibre optic cabling the  best choice for business needs.


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