POL Cost-Efficient Cost-Effective Advantages


The Fibre Optic System Advantage of POL

The Cost-Efficient Cost-Effective Advantages:

  • Long-term Solution Decreases the Cost of Ownership by up to 68%
  • AXSvision System Reduces Management Investments due to Ease of Use
  • Single Fibre Optical Cable Lowers Installation Expenses
  • Nonessential Communication Room Minimizes Real Estate and Cooling Costs
  • Smooth Integration to Existing Cable Systems Lowers Overall Infrastructure Costs

Lower Overall Infrastructure Costs with Fibre Optics

Fibre optic technology is an ideal continuing investment, costing less to maintain, experiencing less downtime and requiring less networking hardware. Case studies show that the accurately designed fibre optic system of AXIS Technical Service will last for extended periods of time without any maintenance, offering decreased repair costs and therefore lowering the cost of ownership by up to 68%.

Moreover, as optical fibres are composed of glass they are neither chemical sensitive nor water sensitive, and are thus generally corrosion free. Consequently, AXISTECH’s Passive Optical LAN solution flourishes in otherwise harsh living conditions by eliminating the risk of destruction from corrosive elements, such as direct soil contact. These superior characteristics are exclusive to fibre links and effectively reduce the expenses of network maintenance and service.

Although optical fibre lines are ultimately more cost-effective than copper, the initial cost has traditionally been pricier. Fortunately, the price of fibre cable, components and hardware has steadily decreased in recent years, and the premium demand for the supreme specification cables have increased the price of copper. As a result, the present short-term costs of both cabling choices are virtually equivalent.

Substantial savings can also be realized with sizeable installations when the network is arranged without the limitations of archaic copper designs and with the broad access of fibre optics. Fiber optic cables have an extended reach, removing the requirement for copper’s need for communication closets. Omitting the installation of nonessential communication rooms, air conditioning and ventilation simplifies the network layout, nearly halving the real estate and cooling costs.

Similarly, existing data centres seeking to modernize their network have the potential to economize as well. When installing the Passive Optical LAN into a current infrastructure, fibre provides smooth integration, once again shrinking high-priced installation costs.

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