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AxisBoardroom large screen projector
Bigger is Better

Bigger, sharper, more colourful displays can leave a lasting impression and “Close-the-deal”

Conversely, displaying your presentation content on small, fuzzy and dark screens in your facilities’ boardroom has the potential of losing your audience before the pitch has begun.

At Axis Systems, we know your content is king. Thus, calibrated, large-scale screens optimized for various light conditions, will securely deliver your message to the target audience in a more concise and professional environment. We measure, design and install your audio visual and /or video conferencing system to ensure the screens and speakers are optimized for a perfect viewing and audio match from every seat in the boardroom or venue.

Aware that the industry standard for viewing distance is 1.5x the screen width means an 80″ display would place the furthest seat at 120″ (10 feet) away. Our large LED display dazzles with advances pixel structure for the most breathtaking HD images. Leveraging technology is a proven strategic advantage for any boardroom or venue presentation.

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