The Big Picture

AxisSystems-MultiLEDScreensVideo Scaling, Multiple Global Branded Products and Devices are Constantly Changing the Size of a Video Frame to Integrate the Native Resolution of LCD, LED, Projectors, Plasma, Rear Projection and Interactive Displays.

The Whole Picture

For your audience to see the full-mirrored screen of the presenter’s connected laptop to the boardroom display is critical for a clear dynamic presentation. Full frame display at the correct resolution will leverage the screen projector’s display capabilities while maximizing your presentation skills and in turn, business development.
A video scaler in the boardroom audio visual and video conferencing system may be require to adjust and make corrections to any compatibility issues in real time. Connecting various laptops, tablets, mobile device from a vast array of worldwide brands can present real world challenges. At Axis Systems Group, we have the depth of experience, product knowledge and design capabilities to deliver your keynote speech financial forecast, information session or team celebration.

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Up to Size

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Command Control

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