Command Control

Laptop podium presentation control station

Mastering and leveraging Your Boardroom’s Technology System is a Key Driver to Delivering a Dynamic and Impactful Audio Visual and Video Presentation. At AxisSystems, We Have Consistently Delivered These Critical Audio Visual Components to Countless Organizations in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Change at the Push of  a Button

Controlling display devices (laptops, tablets, mobile devices etc.), automatically selecting inputs (HDMI, DVI, VGA etc.), room lighting and window shade, security as well as the integration of AI (Artificial Intelligence) are key environmental elements in modern control systems.

Hand-held tablets, table-based or wall mounted touch screens offer complete control of boardroom technology features. We well research your requirement, design-and-build an audio visual/video conferencing system then implement and train your ream to use one of many touch screen interfaces. By acquiring a high-tech boardroom system from Axis Systems; you are taking command and control of your company messaging and securing a leadership role.

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