Light Control Solutions – The Top Five Benefits

Smiling business partners taking notes in a meeting in the office

ASG Light Control SystemsTM will improve working environments, quality of employee work-life balance and will save costly energy. Most existing light sources in office environments adhere to minimum building codes, thus the standard issued florescent lighting used, is known to cause everything from hair loss to migraines. Studies have shown comfortable employees are more productive, happy and collaborative. The following is a list of five (5) environmentally friendly factors concerning lighting and light control solutions that will maximize the human and structural resources within all organizations.

1. Light Control Reduces Stress and has been Shown to Increase Team Efficiency

With ASG Light Control SystemsTM, your business will save money and save energy while keeping the work environment calm and controlled devoid of Light Pollution. Studies have shown peaceful and comfortable workspaces increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your team members while delaying “burn-out” and employee fatigue. Light controls also allow team members to adjust light levels for unique situations, as in presentations, interviews and seasonally daylight variations thereby reducing energy consumption.

2. Dimmers Reduce the Carbon Footprint by Saving Energy

An ASG Light Control SystemsTM dimmer traditionally saves between four and nine percent
(4 – 9%) of a company’s electricity as opposed to a factory installed on / off switch. By adjusting the surrounding office lights, electricity savings will continue day-in and day-out. ASG Light Control SystemsTM (dimmers, controls, etc.) save energy minute-by-minute and year-round versus standard light controls saving electricity only when set in the  “off” setting. The overwhelming benefits of dimmers can be universally seen in all lighting applications (Halogens, LEDs, CFLs, etc.) with an average energy reduction of approximately 20%,

3. ASG Light Control SystemsTM adhere to LEED Standards

As a direct result to the vast reduction in energy consumption and the carbon footprint, ASG Light Control SystemsTM are on the path to embracing the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building certification for communications infrastructure within the building construction industry. The “life” of an average light system material (bulb) can also be extended by up to 20 times longer than traditional “on + off” light systems. Daylight sensors, set to seasonal global light patterns have limitless short-term and long-term potential for the mass reduction of energy costs and usage. The solution is attainable for many small, medium and large corporations.

4. The Multiple Eco-Friendly Systems of ASG Light Control

Whether the lighting (or shading) environmental solutions of the building consist of dimmers, window coverings or solar daylight harvesting methods, ASG Light Control SystemsTM are available for personalization and customization. Whether it is PVC-free, 100% recycled, etc., the sustainable materials incorporated can vary from room to room and from building to building.

5. Light Control Systems and Sustainable Products save Billions of kWh Energy… Yearly

The analogies would be 10s of millions metric tons of CO2 equivalents are saved yearly, or light control energy saving would be equivalent to halting the pollution of millions of cars permanently.

Either way the savings to an organization’s capital expenditures and operational expenditures is a resounding success. The mass reduction to the environmental global carbon footprint is a critical yet necessary journey to a greener planet now and for future generations.

ASG Light Control SystemsTM  is a smart and responsive solution which consists of multiple devices and software relating to the control of light sources within an office or residential environment. Products may include dimmers, shades, relays, occupancy sensors, photocells, light control switches or touchscreens. Site specific software is also utilized to enhance light control products (motion activation and timers) at the device locations, a central computer or a hand held device.